Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Day 1

Cody and I have been talking a lot today about New Years resolutions. I have always found it humorous that people make these huge, life-altering declarations or ridiculously difficult to attain goals and then forget all about them by Valentine's Day. I was just reading a friend's blog which commits blogging each day for a year as her resolution. This really inspired me and so, as any nagging loving wife would do, I reeled Cody into the project.

So here is the plan. There will be a new post each day and it will come from either Cody or myself. This means we will write about our marriage, work (high school or Moon Lake), projects, vacations, interests, favorite readings, or whatever we feel like!

Cody and I value our time together. The past 3 1/2 years of marriage have really flown by and we have shared some wonderful memories and accomplished lots together. We have also both worked very hard to become stronger, more well-rounded individuals outside of our relationship. This blog is something that we hope will serve as a common interest between husband and wife but will also give us a chance to document our life together and as individuals. We hope you enjoy our little corner of this massive, ever-revolving, lovely world!

Cody and Di