Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Painting Poor Judgement

Day 2

Diannah and I bought our house with so many plans for renovation. However, a year and a half sure did fly by and the only real change we made to the upstairs was painting our bedroom. We debated over what color we wanted for days. Diannah really wanted a yellow bedroom. She said that it would feel like the sun was always shining. She promised that it would be a light yellow and against my better judgement, I eventually caved. We picked out a color together that we thought would be really mellow. 

Needless to say, I have woken up every morning for the past year with an instant headache because of the awful, yellow walls. That will all end this weekend as I am finally painting over our terrible mistake. 

Diannah is no longer allowed to pick paint colors.



  1. Hee you decided for boring white?

  2. Haha, EXACTLY! Well, it is called "cream in my coffee." :/