Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last Christmas, I decided to get Cody tickets to go flying over Heber Valley. About a week before Christmas morning, I blurted out the surprise (Strike 1). I was sooooo mad at myself, because I knew that it was the perfect gift! So, I told him I got a refund, though I actually saved the tickets for his birthday.

A couple of months later, I planned a great birthday weekend for him. Everything was a surprise. We were going to spend the weekend in Salt Lake and do all of his favorite things. The trip would start off with our plane ride in Heber. Unfortunately, there was a horrible storm and the pilot canceled our flight (Strike 2!). To be honest, I had pretty much forgot about the tickets until I received an email that they were going to expire on the 6th (When we will be in Hawaii!). 

Ducking a third strike, I decided to take him out this weekend for a little pre-vacation / half birthday celebration and it was awesome! Well, to be honest...I was a bit bored and quite nauseas! BUT, Cody was SOOOO excited and had such a good time that it made it unforgettable! Cody has expressed the desire to take flying lessons some time in the future and I always joke with him that he can have his own plane as soon as we win the lottery. Well, no luck yet... but the pilot did let Cody fly for awhile! Anyway, here are some pics from our precation....
Cody was SOOO excited....
...but I was a wreck!

Here are the controls...seriously looked like an arcade game. It did nothing to calm my nerves :/

The View from Up Top!

Cody knew how nervous I was.
He kept reaching back and
squeezing my leg :)

Finally back on solid ground! 

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